Red Berry Burst

Red Berry Burst

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Bursting with berry flavor, this tea was developed after a customer came looking for a long lost favorite raspberry tea. Red Berry Burst features South African honeybush tea, a naturally sweet herbal tea that pairs perfectly with raspberries. We add South African rooibos and strawberries for a deeper and sweeter berry flavor. We proudly make this tea using only real fruit, no added chemical fruit flavoring here. Thanks to that one customer, now many more can call it their favorite tea!

Herbal Tea Highlight: Honeybush
Honeybush tea is an herbal tea made from the Honeybush plant Native to the Southern region of Africa. Indigenous people there harvest the plant and dry it to make this tea. It has a distinct tart, red berry flavor profile with subtle honey undertones. It’s cousin, Rooibos, has more of a vanilla flavor profile.

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Approximate servings per bag:
2.5 oz - 17 servings

Ingredients: Organic honeybush, organic rooibos, organic raspberries, organic strawberries

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