Piña Blanco

Piña Blanco

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The subtle sweet, floral, and grassy notes of premium Chinese white tea are balanced perfectly with real pineapple and coconut. This tropical infusion will leave you dreaming of palm trees swaying in the breeze. Is that sand between your toes?

True Tea Highlight: Chinese White Tea
White tea is the least processed tea post-harvest. It is simply plucked, left to wither (preferably outside in the sunlight), fired or cooked, and then dried. As with all tea, there are variations within that process that can lead to subtle but distinct differences in flavor profiles. The white tea in Mindful Morning is a “Mu Dan” style pluck which means it contain the new leaf bud plus some of the pliable, fully opened leaves.

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Approximate servings per bag:
2.5 oz - 21 servings

Ingredients: Organic Chinese white tea, organic coconut, organic pineapple

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