Grey Berry

Grey Berry

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Love Earl Grey tea but think sometimes it's just too heavy? Then this tea blend is for you. Our Grey Berry takes classic Earl Grey tea (Assam black tea blended with real oil of Bergamot) and adds honeybush and raspberries to give it a lighter, fruitier finish. For another spin on it, try this tea over ice.

True Tea Highlight: Assam Black Tea
Assam is a region in the north of India famous for its tea plantations and the hearty black teas they produce. An Assam tea can take many shapes and display a spectrum of malty flavors. The Assam tea used in this blend is an “orthodox” tea made with minimal mechanical intervention. The tea is then blended with real Oil of Bergamot, not chemical flavor substitute, to give it that Earl Grey flare.

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Approximate servings per bag:
2.5 oz - 18 servings

Ingredients: Organic Earl Grey tea (Assam black tea, oil of Bergamot), organic honeybush, organic raspberries

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