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Not a huge green tea fan? Or maybe you are and want to explore new flavor pairings? Either way our Dragonberry fruit tea blend will not disappoint. Light and refreshing, Dragonwell green tea is complemented perfectly with real strawberry. Get all the benefits of green tea while sipping a fruity infusion!

True Tea Highlight: Dragonwell
Dragonwell, or Long Jing, is one of the most famous Chinese green teas. It’s origin story hails from West Lake in the Zhejiang Province of China. Because of its popularity and history, you can find the highest quality Dragonwell which is harvested pre-Qing Ming (the tea festival in early spring held to celebrate the new harvest) and pan roasted by hand, to lower quality teas harvested late in the year and destined for supermarket shelves. The Dragonwell used in this tea is a mid-grade tea which gives you an introduction and hopefully makes you want to dive into the complex world of Long Jing.

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Approximate servings per bag:
2 oz - 19 servings

Ingredients: Organic Dragonwell, organic strawberries

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