The Lia Leaf Story

Lia Leaf was my dream before I knew its name or what it was all about. It is how I express my creativity and try my darndest to manifest my hopes and dreams for our world.

I believe we can all benefit from living and experiencing true tea culture. It cultivates community, it brings a sense of clarity and calmness, and it affirms to you that everything in this moment is just as it is meant to be.

Tea culture makes us more thoughtful, more empathetic, and live with more intention. It is my sincere desire for you to find some stillness and love in our teas. They were made with all the principles of tea culture as a solid grounding and can help you practice tea culture in your own life. 

Oh yeah, I get asked this all the time. "Lia" is not my name - it's Christine. "Lia" comes from the name for the tea plant, Camellia Sinesis. I think it's a little easier to pronounce :).


Cultivating the New American Tea Experience


We get it! Tea can be so confusing. And unrelatable. And foreign. And not good (if brewed improperly!).

In America, we have this image of a tea drinker as someone with lace curtains and lots of cats, who drinks tea from a small floral porcelain tea cup with her pinky in the air. We're also experiencing a rise of highly sweetened, low quality teas that are hiding behind their brightly colored, Instagram-able facades.

Believe me, that is not at all what true tea and tea culture stand for. True tea culture, tradition, and diversity is so deep and rich and satisfying. We want to give you a glimpse of this world and help you begin your journey through it.

We know we won't be enticing novice tea drinkers with an exquisite First Flush Darjeeling so instead, at Lia Leaf, we create exciting and memorable tea blends that everyone can relate to. Consider us the gateway, and maybe we'll have peaked your interest enough for you to keep journeying on and truly experience what true tea culture can do for you.

To begin your journey...

...check out our Tasting Guide page where you can learn a little about where tea comes from and what the different tea families have to offer. There you can also download and print our Tea Brewing Guide to help you avoid improperly brewed tea forever!

Next you can pop on in to the tea house in Flagstaff, Arizona to say "Hi!" and see what we have to offer. There you will find all the tea blends we've developed and make in small batches in house plus a large selection of single origin teas rich enough to excite any experienced tea drinker. Browse our specialty drink and matcha menu here so you know what to expect before you visit. Not in Arizona? Our online store will be coming to a desktop, mobile device, or tablet near you soon.

And lastly, be sure to share your email with us to keep in touch. We'll periodically send out newsletters with tips and tricks to help you realize true tea culture in your own life, blog post notifications, and the occasional sale or screaming deal you'll want to tell all your friends and family about. Sign up in the banner below.