I'm Not a Spa Girl

I don't really enjoy going to spas. They're fine in the moment, but the experience never leaves me feeling like I'm rejuvenated and well rested. In that same vein, I don't think massages are worth the money, I don't like manicures/pedicures or nail polish or long nails in any form, and I think bath salts are better used as bathroom decor than really using them in a bath. The self care I need to keep sane includes rock climbing, practicing yoga, hiking, exploring the forest, just sitting by a body of water, reading books, or planning and cooking a great meal (while someone else cleans up!). 

It's hard though. To force yourself to take the time. To slow yourself down. To be mindful. I am literally writing out the hashtags I use on every single one of my social media posts yet I am admitting that I don't do these things. I get it, believe me! But this is the very reason I started Lia Leaf. My mission from the beginning was to introduce America to true tea; because I believe it is something we can incorporate into our everyday lives, without much time or effort or investment, to help us cope with life's daily stresses and find some stillness.

This is my relationship with tea. I don't drink it simply because I like how it tastes, or because of its health benefits, or because of all the variety. These traits are all positives but I drink tea because of how it makes me feel. I instantly relax and my heart rate slows. My eye lids close and my mind clears. It is the quickest way I find solace. It is something so simple that I can do to take care of myself.

Now many people turn to meditation to achieve such a state. And I envy them! Maybe I just haven't reached the right level of enlightenment or am forcing it too much but I cannot find peace in meditation. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one out there that struggles in this area! So to you, I offer tea. Tea as a vehicle to carry you to your daily moments of restoration. 

I have another confession: lately I haven't been drinking tea everyday. I know, how hypocritical. I drank ten times as much tea in my old job than I do now, and I own a tea house! But again, it's hard in these lives we create to even take the time to do something so simple for yourself as drinking a cup of tea. So here I am, making a promise to myself, and putting it out there for some accountability to keep me honest. I promise to take the time, to slow myself down, to find some stillness in every day, and drink a cup of tea. You will find me sitting on the bench outside the shop with no phone or computer, just a cup of tea in hand. Sit with me wherever your bench may be.  

Christine Snyder