Lia Leaf

Tucked in the high pine forests of Arizona exists a tea house specializing in single origin teas, specialty tea concoctions, and house blended tisanes. Running in for a quick cup to go or spending an afternoon in our calming and laid back tea house will provide a memorable experience you'll want to come back for again and again. 



What is true tea? It is not the small tea bags you find at the grocery store with tiny tea particles inside nor is it tea blends with chemical flavorings added that mask any true flavor. True tea celebrates the centuries old traditions and deep knowledge of artisans cultivating and processing rare teas from around the world. True tea is whole, simple ingredients. At Lia Leaf, we extend the spirit of True Tea to herbal tisanes and our specialty tea drinks, all made in-house with real ingredients.

original menu

Craving something different? Tired of the ubiquitous latte with the latest season's sugary syrup added? Our specialty drink menu, single estate teas, and original herbal tea blends are a welcomed departure from the ordinary. 

original atmosphere

We invite you to stay a while. Our clean and calming tea house can be your refuge from the hustle and bustle outside our doors. With a variety of seating suited for getting lost in your favorite book to a large group study session our tea house will become your favorite hideout.